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The chuck primal is located in the forequarter and is divided into two main groups. This includes the arm, which includes the shoulder, and the blade. There is a large amount of connective tissue in this area and the muscles are well used. This results in cuts that are very beefy and flavorful, but can be tough. This is where the beef for pot roast and stew is often sourced.

Although the chuck is associated with tough cuts for slow cooking, there are notable exceptions you'll find at Snake River Farms. These include the flat iron steak and teres major. Meat scientists determined the flat iron is the second most tender steak after the tenderloin. The teres major has a rich beef flavor and natural tenderness. Both of these require a skillful butcher to properly extract them from the chuck.

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The collar is located at the top of the shoulder between the blade and underblade. It is a muscle that starts at the jowl and ends close to the loin. This cut includes part of the “money muscle��? used by competitive barbecue teams. The collar is well marbled and can be cooked low and slow or roasted.

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