Angus Point End Brisket MB1+

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These are absolutely the finest briskets available. Offered in limited quantities, Gold Grade briskets are rich with the highest level of marbling offered by Burma Butchery. These premium cuts are ideal for braising, smoking or any long and slow cooking method.

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Perfect for barbecue competitions or a first-class backyard feast, Burma Butchery’s American Wagyu briskets are rich with spectacular marbling and unbeatable tenderness. Our Gold Grade briskets are carefully cut to the current NAMP guidelines and have a generous fat cap that slowly permeates the meat during the course of slow cooking.

Every American Wagyu brisket from Burma Butchery’s is hand-cut by a master butcher and wet-aged for enhanced texture and flavor. Each brisket is individually weighed and hand-sorted to assure the correct size range. Since this is a natural product, the thickness of each brisket will vary.

Our briskets are competition-proven and consistently deliver the taste that will help your team get a call! They’re also popular for dedicated home chefs looking for a fun way to delight a crowd of guests.

The Burma Butchery’s Gold Grade brisket is the ultimate ingredient for the highest levels of competitive barbecue or anyone who demands the absolute best.



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