Angus Tenderloin MB1+

Ks 45,000.00

Delivery Time: Expected Delivery to you on December 9th, 2022, Mon- Fri between 10am - 5pm,
Saturday between 10am -2pm, No delivery on Sunday.

Tenderloin pieces are the random-sized, high-quality trimmings that remain when we cut our famous filet mignon. These special cuts are packed in convenient one pound packages.

Average weight: 1 lb. pack



In the past we’ve reserved this delicious American Wagyu beef for our own “special projects” but they are now available on a limited basis. This is the same high quality tenderloin beef used for our filet mignon steaks, but in random sized bites. Packaged by the pound, due to the level of size variation.

Use American Wagyu Tenderloin Pieces as a secret weapon in stir-fries, chili, stroganoff or any of your favorite beef dishes. You won’t believe how delicious your everyday comfort food can be. A great add-on to your next order.



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