F1 Wagyu Rump Cap MB-8-9

Ks 39,900.00

Delivery Time: Expected Delivery to you on December 8th, 2022, Mon- Fri between 10am - 5pm,
Saturday between 10am -2pm, No delivery on Sunday.

The cap of ribeye is the most prized Burma Butchery’s cut. It is near legendary and is considered the single most tender, juicy and deeply flavored cut of beef available.



This is the same rare and delectable steak served by prestigious Michelin-starred restaurants in the U.S. The cap of ribeye is also known as the deckle and ribeye cap, but regardless of its name, this is the same delicacy served by highly-rated restaurants around the world. The common way to obtain this rare cut is to slice it off the outside of a ribeye steak, however we remove the entire section, portion it and provide it direct to you.

A cut this desirable is available in limited quantities, so we might not be in stock at all times. Please note there is natural size variation from cut to cut. We handcraft two sizes; 20 ounces and a 14 ounce petite cut. Our master butchers carefully work toward these minimum weights, but on occasion it is possible a cap of ribeye is slightly smaller than the target weight. This can work the opposite way and many times your cap will far exceed the minimum weights.



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