Pure Black Angus Cube Roll MB2+

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The rolled cap of ribeye lets you enjoy our most prized cut in an elegant size.  We hand-cut our full American Wagyu gold grade ribeye caps into uniform 8 oz. portions, roll them into a uniform size and secure them with butcher’s twine.

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The 8 oz. rolled ribeye cap arrives ready to prepare. The finished product is a convenient size and it both appealing and appetizing on the plate. The rolled cap shows off the deep marbling of this rich cut.

This handmade configuration is extremely versatile and allows you to serve the coveted cap of ribeye as an individual portion or as an amazingly delicious starter course. The rolled cap of ribeye grills up beautifully and is extraordinary basted with butter and herbs in a cast iron skillet. No matter how it’s prepared, you’re in for a rich and appealing eating experience.



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