Pure Black Angus Flank Stake MB3+ Grain-Fed

Ks 20,000.00

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Saturday between 10am -2pm, No delivery on Sunday.

Meet our American Wagyu flank steak. Hand trimmed to a uniform size and naturally elongated, it has ample marbling that adds flavor and tenderness.

Average weight: 2 lbs.



Our flank steak clears up the bad reputation this cut has with some home cooks, conjuring up visions of dry, tough plates of beef. The Snake River Farms flank steak is full of flavor and remarkably tender. The broad shape makes it easy to slice and serve. For the best results, be sure to cut against the coarse grain. This flank steak works well with your favorite marinade, but this is a cut that is delicious with simple seasonings. A fast and easy main dish to serve a crowd.



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