Pure Black Angus Prime Ribs MB2

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Our richly marbled American Wagyu prime rib roasts with the rib bones removed for easy preparation. This is the full ribeye section with the center eye surrounded by the rich cap.

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Prime rib is synonymous with holiday meals and celebrations. The Burma Butchery’s boneless prime rib roast is an ideal candidate for any special occasion. The rib bones are removed from the American Wagyu prime rib to make preparation easy and carving uncomplicated. Each roast is deeply marbled which imparts rich flavor, juiciness and a distinctive texture. Each prime rib is hand selected and hand cut from the premium ribeye section and include both the highly prized cap and center eye that’s rich with beautiful internal marbling.

Preparation tip: Since our prime ribs ship frozen, it’s best to order early. This will allow ample time to slow thaw the roast in your refrigerator before your special dinner.

Average weights are 5 and 6.5 lbs. These are natural products and the actual weight may vary by +/- .5 lb.


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