Pure Black Angus Short Ribs MB2

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Burma Butchery’s American Wagyu short ribs are one of our most distinctive products. Our BBQ friends like to call them “dinosaur ribs” because of their massive size and primal appearance.

Average weight: 7 lbs.

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Burma Butchery’s short ribs are 7 pounds of rich, delectable beef. Short ribs were one of the most requested items from our customers, and we wanted to offer an American Wagyu version in a big way, quite literally.

Beef short ribs are  larger and meatier than their popular pork counterparts. Our American Wagyu Short Ribs are Plate Short Ribs (NAMP 123A series for you beef experts) and are sourced from the plate primal located below the ribs. These ribs are highly marbled, meaty and unusually delicious.

Each package contains 1, 3-bone slab that can be prepared as fancy or simple as you’d like. Try them long-cooked in the classic French dish pot-au-feu, seasoned with Korean spices or slow-smoked barbecue style. No matter how you cook them, these giant American Wagyu beauties will be part of a memorable feast.



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