Pure Black Angus Striploin MB3+ – 2 (Grain-Fed)

Ks 33,100.00

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A sizeable portion of American Wagyu strip loin for an astonishing single roast or to cut into steaks, roasts or a combination of both.

Average weight: 14 lbs.



The strip loin is the source of the New York strip, one of the most highly prized steaks. The Burma Butchery’s strip loin is richly marbled with a nicely defined grain with a satisfying bite and a memorable, rich flavor. We’ve hand-trimmed each Strip Loin so there’s minimal waste. It’s easy to custom cut this full subprimal to the portion size that fits your mood or palate. For example, create decadent 2” New York steaks or cut thin ½” strips for a ridiculously great sandwich. Each Strip Loin weighs approximately 14 pounds and will turn your kitchen into an artisan butcher shop.

Average weight: 14 pounds. The strip loin is a natural product so weights can vary by +/- 0.5 pounds.



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