Pure Black Angus Striploin MB3+

Ks 33,100.00

Delivery Time: Expected Delivery to you on December 8th, 2022, Mon- Fri between 10am - 5pm,
Saturday between 10am -2pm, No delivery on Sunday.

The Burma Butchery’s Gold Grade strip loin is an incredibly marbled and rare cut of beef that is reserved for our most discerning customers.

Average weight: 14 lbs.



The strip loin is the source of New York strip steaks, one of the most popular steakhouse cuts. Imagine a substantial, 14 pound roast with the flavor and firm texture of a strip steak. Gold Grade elevates the marbling of this consequential cut to an amazing level with a rating on the Japanese Beef Marbling Scale of 9 or greater. It’s a simple and rewarding experience to cut this large subprimal into steaks and roasts yourself. One strip loin yields four Manhattan roasts. Since the marbling is so extravagant, smaller steaks, like a Manhattan filet, produce a luxurious and satisfying steak dinner.

Average weight: 14 pounds. This is a natural product so the actual weight can vary by +/- 0.5 pounds.



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