Secretto Skin Steak

Ks 65.00

Delivery Time: Expected Delivery to you on December 9th, 2022, Mon- Fri between 10am - 5pm,
Saturday between 10am -2pm, No delivery on Sunday.

A stockpile of our best selling steaks is designed to thrill. Includes American Wagyu Gold and Black grade steaks as well as USDA Prime and Choice selections.



A collection of all the major steak groups represented including ribeyes, filets mignons and sirloins. Prepare this to perfection outside on the grill or indoors in a cast iron skillet. Our best-selling Northwest and American Wagyu steaks have all been assembled into one mouth-watering assortment perfect to share for the holidays or to make any day a special occasion. Give one to your favorite steak lover or stock up for steak nights of your own.



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