Wagyu Rump Cap MB-8-9

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The Gold Grade cap of ribeye goes beyond the decadent flavor of the Black version with a higher amount of intra-muscular fat. Like all our Gold Grade American Wagyu beef, this cap of ribeye features the highest level of marbling available from Burma Butchery

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The Gold Grade cap of ribeye has an even higher amount of intra-muscular fat than our decadent Black version, lifting this cut to a luxurious level. The cap of ribeye is regarded by true beef connoisseurs as the most desirable cut of American Wagyu beef due to its tenderness and deep beef flavor. This cut is also called the ribeye cap, deckle steak, calotte or spinalis dorsi. most desirable cut of American Wagyu beef.

The size of each Cap of Ribeye will vary from cut-to-cut because this is a natural product. We hand sort our caps of ribeye into two sizes, 20 ozs and a 14 oz petite cut. We make every effort to ensure these are minimum weights, but occasionally there may be a single one that is slightly smaller. In many cases, the unit size will far exceed the minimum weight.



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