Wagyu Rump Center Cut MB-8-9

90 Ks

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Burma Butchery’s steak cuts are an assortment of bite-sized pieces of American Wagyu filet mignon, New York strip or ribeye steaks.  Steak cuts packed in one pound packs and ready to create flavorful meals.



Make every meal a feast with these random-sized pieces of American Wagyu beef steaks. When our master butchers hand-trim our steaks to a uniform size, there are small high quality cuts that are a natural part of the process.  Ideal for elegant beef bourguignon or a rich beef daube. A simple way to turn your favorite stew, chili or stir-fry recipe into something unbelievably delicious.

The size of each piece will vary a good deal, so these are intended to be used as an ingredient and not a center-of-the-plate item. Availability is limited since this is an item that we source from cutting other American Wagyu products. A great add-on to your order and the perfect way to make your everyday meals a little more elegant.



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